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Spongy Wonder Bicycle Seats

Enjoying my new Spongy Wonder bike seat - BIG TIME! Admittedly, it took 5 or 6 rides to find that optimal combination of seat height, seat width, seat angle, and handlebar height. But once I found that "sweet spot".....YOWZA! My wife gets up in the morning and I'm already GONE, sometimes for hours. Love this bike seat! I like to call it "Perineum Freedom". I'm scheduled to meet with my urologist next month and I'm going to give him one of those business cards you gave me.....more than one if he wants. Thanks to my new saddle I'm now able to continue doing one of my favourite pastimes. AWESOME! Thank you Jeff.

And best regards, Joseph LeBlanc

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Our Bicycle Seat Features

  • You ride with no pressure - absolutely ZERO - on the perineum, prostate, tailbone and genitalia. Read more about your health.
  • The Spongy Wonder noseless bicycle seat is an incredibly green product as 80% of its components have no expiration date and the other 20% is 100% recyclable.! Plus! The Spongy Wonder noseless bicycle seat is made without solvents, paints, chroming or powder coating!
  • Spongy Wonder Noseless Bicycle Seats are adjustable by width for an exact fit.
  • If your cushions get “chewed up” for some reason – Do not worry! Unlike every other seat you can replace them without having to buy an entirely new seat!
  • Spongy Wonder offers the best warranty: 5 years on the stainless platforms and our World-Exclusive Warranty on the MK10 frame: “If you can break it you do not need to worry about the warranty because you are already dead!”. The yield strength of the MK10 frame is 210,000+ psi in yield strength and as such is indestructible in its performance on any bike, for any rider, on any terrain! If the frame breaks it is because you have been hit by a huge beer truck, ridden off a 300 meter cliff or are buried under 10 meters of rubble after an earthquake, and therefore you have no warranty issues.
  • Our headquarters, manufacturing, and assembly are right here in Canada!

“Human beings are not designed to sit on something that resembles a rounded two-by-four.” - Jeff Dixon, Inventor

The Spongy Wonder is 3 inches shorter than most conventional bicycle seats. The rider cannot even see the front end when sitting on it. The front end is not in the way and neither does it present any issues.
If you live in a northern climate (snow) and wish to order but do not know if you will have enough time to trial the seat before the snow flies – don’t worry. We will extend the return date to June 15, 2018.

MK10 Series Noseless Bicycle Seat

Our newest generation MK10 Series uses a super-exotic material that gives it an incredible 210,000+ psi in yield strength! As well, the MK10 has an amazing high-tech upper surface!

MK10 Series Noseless Bicycle Seat

$124.99 CAD (approximately $97.37 USD)     Buy Now »

"While 'horned or nosed' (bicycle seats with a horn or nose) bicycle saddles with troughs, grooves, or center cut-outs may feel better because the internal penis fits into this area, the nerve and blood supplies to the penis lie along the sides of the internal penis, therefore the pressure on these key structures actually increases along the edges of the trough restricting blood flow. Grooved, cutout designs may not be better, and may be worse, than a solid saddle nosed seat." Dr. Steve Schrader of NIOSH
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Even more happy thoughts from SW Bicycle Seat Riders

Seeing injuries from bicycle seats fairly often in my internal medicine practice, I was happy to discover the Spongy Wonder Bicycle Seat. I immediately bought one for my own bicycle, and was quite gratified to see how comfortable it was, while still able to maintain good control of my bike. I've had mine for a year now, and have yet to put on the replacement cushions! If you're a rider, old or young, male or female, you need one of these bicycle seats.

Dr. Philip Alexander, MD
College Station TX

The Spongy Wonder Bicycle Seat is great and the best of the noseless, perineal sparing Bicycle seats that I've tried. I'm going to the site to order another one for my other upright bike.

Seth Manoach MD
Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine
CPR Committee/Rapid Response Program
Brooklyn, NY

I lecture nationally on patients with pain and want to show a picture of your bicycle seat in my lectures. Please give me permission.

Hope K. Haefner, M.D.
Director, The University of Michigan Center for Vulvar Diseases
Dept. Obstetrics and Gynecology

Spongy Wonder MK10 in a micro-adjustable seat post

Spongy Wonder MK10 in a micro-adjustable seat post

Riding a bicycle was a no-brainer for Albert Einstein

Riding a bicycle was a no-brainer for Albert Einstein

The Spongy Wonder Bike Seat is critical in  underwater testing

The Spongy Wonder Bike Seat is critical in underwater testing

Spongy Wonder Inc. is the manufacturer of the world's only modular hornless bike seats. These two ergonomically and anatomically correct noseless bike seats eliminate the urological and neurological damage caused by conventional and "modified" conventional bike seats and are "fully customizable" and adjustable.