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Dragonfly Footballs

The Reason for Dragonfly Footballs Ltd.

In 1992 Jeff Dixon (owner of Dragonfly Footballs Ltd. and designer of the Dragonfly JDX1) began to experiment with football designs in order to create an attractive, “interactive” football that would maintain the “integrity” and “authenticity” of a traditional football while making playing football a lot more fun!

The Result: Dragonfly Footballs Ltd. and the JDX1!

A keen interest in football, a fascination with aviation, a passion for graphic design, and a background in business came together to produce Dragonfly Footballs Ltd. and The JDX1! Dragonfly Footballs Ltd. was incorporated in the Canadian province of New Brunswick in July 2005 and is a member of The Canadian Federation of Independent Business. We look forward to introducing you to an entirely new experience in the world of football!

Developing and Improving on the Right Stuff

When in flight, the Dragonfly JDX1′s visual effect more accurately shows the tightness of the passer’s spiral, the arc of the ball’s flight and how fast it is spinning, and thus helps improve passing skills. For receivers, the Dragonfly JDX1′s visual effect is extremely interactive and thus develops the receiver’s ability to “watch the ball” into his/her hands.

The Best Features and the Best Quality

The Dragonfly JDX1 Football has the following features:

The Dragonfly JDX1 Football has a composite leather outer covering that is longlasting, feels good and is easy to grip. Unlike leather, composite leather does not absorb water, get moldy or lose its shape.

The Dragonfly JDX1 Football has raised laces for better control.

The Dragonfly JDX1 Football has “Game Ball Construction.”

The Dragonfly JDX1 Football
The Dragonfly JDX1 Football
Even more happy thoughts from SW Bicycle Seat Riders

Seeing injuries from bicycle seats fairly often in my internal medicine practice, I was happy to discover the Spongy Wonder Bicycle Seat. I immediately bought one for my own bicycle, and was quite gratified to see how comfortable it was, while still able to maintain good control of my bike. I've had mine for a year now, and have yet to put on the replacement cushions! If you're a rider, old or young, male or female, you need one of these bicycle seats.

Dr. Philip Alexander, MD
College Station TX

The Spongy Wonder Bicycle Seat is great and the best of the noseless, perineal sparing Bicycle seats that I've tried. I'm going to the site to order another one for my other upright bike.

Seth Manoach MD
Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine
CPR Committee/Rapid Response Program
Brooklyn, NY

I lecture nationally on patients with pain and want to show a picture of your bicycle seat in my lectures. Please give me permission.

Hope K. Haefner, M.D.
Director, The University of Michigan Center for Vulvar Diseases
Dept. Obstetrics and Gynecology

Spongy Wonder MK10 in a micro-adjustable seat post

Spongy Wonder MK10 in a micro-adjustable seat post

Riding a bicycle was a no-brainer for Albert Einstein

Riding a bicycle was a no-brainer for Albert Einstein

The Spongy Wonder Bike Seat is critical in  underwater testing

The Spongy Wonder Bike Seat is critical in underwater testing

Spongy Wonder Inc. is the manufacturer of the world's only modular hornless bike seats. These two ergonomically and anatomically correct noseless bike seats eliminate the urological and neurological damage caused by conventional and "modified" conventional bike seats and are "fully customizable" and adjustable.